This is a bit of a move away from my normal stuff. Don’t worry I have lots of lovely autumn style finds to share, but I just have something to say on this subject, so here we go..

Hattie has worn glasses since she was two years old. I don’t think she even remembers life before glasses. We never had a problem with her keeping them on even at that tiny age. I think it was because she loved that she could actually see with them. She REALLY needs glasses and will do for the rest of her life.

When Hattie started back at school in year 1 a couple of weeks ago, she settled straight back in so well, she just LOVES school. But over the past week she’s started saying that she doesn’t want to wear her glasses and she prefers her face without them.

She’s actually been hiding her glasses too and telling me she doesn’t need them anymore and can see just fine without them. (She has a huge prescription so this is most definitely not the case.)

It’s so upsetting to hear. And it’s scaring me that she’s starting to grow up and become aware of her looks. She doesn’t want to be different.

I think she looks adorable in her little round wire specs and I have told her so. But the fact is, she’s the only kid in her year who has to wear them and that makes her stand out. She’s 5 and she doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd. She keeps telling me that she doesn’t want to look like Harry Potter. And she’s so sick of other children asking to try her glasses on too.

I obviously want to try and help her see that it’s great to be unique and it makes her special. To know that we’re all born differently and for her to not feel the need to be the same as everyone else. But..Hattie isn’t the most self assured little girl and to her, at least at this stage in her life, being different is not fun.

So, I tried to show her that wearing glasses is really cool too.

I set about looking for some cool, popular, bespectacled role models. I was sure this would be nothing more than a quick google search. I was shocked to find that despite there being Disney Princesses of every race and ethnicity, there weren’t ANY who wore glasses. It’s totally crazy! I know the whole ‘princess’ obsession is shallow and we all try and encourage our girls to see beyond looks and fancy dresses. But many little girls are naturally drawn to those pretty princesses and fairies. I simply couldn’t find one glamorous glasses-wearing girl in the media. It seems to be an image that is totally absent.

So, take a look at what did crop up in my search…

Every single character I found who wore glasses was either the ‘smart one’ or the ‘nerdy one’. They’re all in frumpy clothes and turtle necks and are most certainly not the heroines. Being bookish, wearing dowdy colours and sensible footwear seems to go hand in hand with wearing glasses in the mainstream media. I mean, Anne Hawathay actually has to ditch her glasses when she becomes Princess of Genova in The Princess Diaries. According to that movie, glasses are not suitable for a princess, along with unkempt eyebrows, bushy hair and general unglamorous-ness. Uch.

The most attractive of the bunch is the sporadic character from Sofia the 1st. And, although I do personally love her look, there is no denying the fact that she doesn’t have a sparkly dress and long flowing “princes hair” or even a crown like the other characters. What is this teaching our impressionable little girls?!?

Hattie will be fine and she will get over it. Another little girl in her class will most probably be prescribed glasses and she will feel less alone. But can’t get over how bad it is that my beautiful little girl is feeling ugly in her glasses and there isn’t any positive role model out there for her to look up to.

What would you do? Any tips from glasses wearing gals will be gratefully received!

Oh and I don’t think this is just limited to the girls. I mean, boys now have Harry Potter but before him there was Clarke Kent who also had to remove his glasses to become a superhero. Glasses were his disguise.. Because just like the princesses, apparently a superhero wouldn’t ever wear glasses. Have you found your boys have struggled too?

Baby Hattie when she got her glasses

23 thoughts on “FOUR EYED AND FABULOUS

  1. Lyndsey says:

    Hattie is so gorgeous, Sarah, I am racking my brains trying to think of someone glam and bespectacled! Big kisses to Hattie from another member of the glasses gang 👓

  2. Simone says:

    Hattie looks so cute with her glasses – Said by someone whose glasses used to be half the size of their face and bright green/purple 🙈!!! She’s too young for it now but the only person I can think of is Daria…. this is definitely a niche in the market and one that needs to be addressed sharpish!!!

    • Hip Mini Style says:

      Ah hi!! Ah I remember you’re glasses! I was jel of them! Used to lie in the opticians so I could get glasses 😆! Yes Daria is quite cool but she’s not glam really either! Hope you’re well! Xxx

  3. Manda says:

    Does she know any celebrities ? I don’t know if she’s old enough but If you google them and glasses you might find pictures you can ‘accidentally bring up’ eg Taylor swift. Agree it’s not great though!!

  4. rebecca donnelly says:

    Hattie looks gorgeous in her glasses, to be honest I doubt the children even notice them… I do hear you though… I’m having the same issues with Livvy and her hearing aids…. Try finding anyone ‘nerdy’ or ‘cool’ in them!!! Only the over 60’s club…. At least glasses are are a bit more of the norm…I guess we just need to reassure and teach them to be self assured enough to just ignore… Not easy though… Especially in the next few years.however, I’m sure Hattie and Livvy will be quite a force to be reckoned with if they stick together! Xx

  5. Amy says:

    Have you ever looked into her doing any kids modelling?? She’s absolutely beautiful & am sure she d be snapped up. This would at least allow her to see that she’s been chosen for her looks and character despite her wearing glasses! And fun for her to then see herself in magazines etc. Just a thought-I know it’s helped my friends little boy massively.

  6. the-haute-list says:

    She’s the most beautiful girl and she makes glasses even cooler. She will have to be the role model for the others when she’s older! What about pirates of the Caribbean – could show her Jonny depp and that in real life he wears ones just like hers. Not ideal I know. Shame she can’t watch Jerry maguire yet as the cutie pie kid in that had glasses too. Also the main character in Little Miss Sunshine but again she might be too little. If all else fails show her Miranda Priestly in devil wears Prada and explain that it means she’s destined to be editor in chief at Vogue!! Bless her I had glasses from 6 and you’re right – soon enough more kids will need and it won’t be an issue. I also adore her wire frames I bet the others are jealous xxxx

  7. Auntie SoSo says:

    Love this post! Our darling gorgeous Hattie cakes! Beautiful inside and out, glasses no glasses! She has some great spec wearing role models, her mummy, Gaga and sister xxxx

  8. Hannah Goodman says:

    Sarah this breaks my heart that gorgeous Hattie is feeling self conscious at school, she looks absolutely adorable in glasses. Have you had a word with her teacher when Hattie isn’t in ear shot. I taught a girl who was going through the same thing with her glasses and I had a whole class circle time discussion about differences and how special / cool glasses are etc…worked really well and she then wore her glasses with pride apart from it back fired as the whole class then went home and told their parents they couldn’t see properly and all REALLY needed glasses. I also made a point of always wearing my glasses to teach and suggesting that the girls mum got a pretty little glasses necklace like chain that the girl picked …to make it a bit special / like jewellery but also to stop her taking the glasses off and hiding them in her tray at school so that could work but maybe not as this girl only needed to wear them some of the time not all the time. She’s so pretty in her glasses hope it gets better xxxx ooh also think there are a series of books called princesses wear glasses which could be nice xxx

  9. Anna Bramall says:

    Oh, I cant bear it… She is so super cute, and cool, and yet still has this feeling of not wanting to stand out.
    I am sure, in time, she will be very reassured that it is cool to be different – no solution for you now though.
    I feel a new kids character coming on…!! C’mon Cbeebies – get with the programme (literally)

  10. Sarah says:

    Can’t really help but we’ve just been told that my son (not even 2 yet) really needs glasses and an extremely strong prescription. Thanks for sharing in your blog, Hattie is beautiful 🙂

    • Hip Mini Style says:

      Ah we were told when Hattie was around 9 months old that she would need them! They monitored her until she was 2 and then made the decision. She’s never needed a patch so far though. My other daughter has glasses too and both have very strong prescription . It’s good that you’re getting him sorted though, as many children can improve when glasses are started young and as I said Hattie got used to them so quickly. If one eye is stronger than the other just make sure you get the lenses thinned out. Both my girls have a lazy eye so one lens is much thicker than the other and looks very goggly when not thinned! Good luck with it all. He’ll look very cute xxx

  11. Helena says:

    She’s such a beauty, and her wire frames are so cool. It’s so hard to see them suffer, especially when they’re so small! hang in there mama (and maybe go and talk to her teacher about weaving some non Hattie related celebration of difference into her classroom).

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