So. I know I’ve been going on about La Redoute recently, but it’s hard to resist 40% off when stuff is just SO cute..

I have to share some of their gorgeous pieces for the home. Then I will stop.

I am a bit obsessed with baskets.. our whole house is slowly being filtered into baskets of different shapes and sizes, from Rupert’s cars and Hattie’s hama bead collection to my husband’s (many) phone chargers and my hairbrushes! It’s a really good way to keep things organised (I am not organised) and our possessions look so much nicer compartmentalised into pretty little baskets. 🙂 I’m definitely becoming a bit crazy though and almost wept a little when Ikea stopped making the Sinerlig.. I have to hold myself back every time Rupert sits in ours and pretends it’s a boat and swings back and forth singing “row row”- it’s on it’s last legs and it’s irreplaceable!!! Anyway, the point is, you need baskets in your life and there are some lovely ones below!!

The girls have all their dressing up costumes in the metal trunks and it looks lovely and neat and far more acceptable than having Elsa blue decorating their bedrooms 😉 We also bought Hattie a desk for Christmakkah last year and it was the best gift ever. We only needed to buy her stationary as stocking fillers and she was the happiest little thing. And I just have to say.. I NEED THE FLUFFY FOOTSTOOL somewhere, anywhere in my house.

PS. Liberty print bedding. adorable. bargain. get it.

THE CODE IS BLACKFRIDAY and it ends monday

one more thing, I have tried something new.. you can hover over the image and click on the links that way.prices are still listed below.. let me know if you like it or if it’s a faff?

  1. Doll’s house book case £89.40
  2. Fluffy footstool £35.40
  3. Dreamcatcher £17.40
  4. Woven basket £21
  5. Metal trunks from £29
  6. Rug £35.40
  7. Children’s desk £71.40
  1. Rug £77.40
  2. white dreamcatcher £17.40
  3. Liberty print duvet cover is £15.60 and the square pillow is £6.60!!!
  4. Set of 2 chairs £83.40
  5. Copper wire basket £27
  6. Basket with lid £39
  7. pom pom basket £35.40
  8. large basket with handles £29.40



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  1. Anna says:

    Fab things!! Funnily I did a shop last night and got lots of great house stuff for a reasonable amount – esp. with the 40 % discount- can’t wait for them to arrive inc. the black and white rug you posted! Thanks for the tips! Xx ps was not too sure about the hovering thing – it just seemed to enlarge part of the product… x

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