My (rather belated) winter wardrobe for your little fellas 0-3 ish..

Life is getting in the way of this blogging malarkey at the moment, which is annoying me because I love doing it. I just always seem to be tied up with.. I don’t know what! Before I know it, the day is done and I have nothing to show for it, except a bit of a headache and a snot encrusted shoulder. So glamorous being a mum isn’t it? By 8.10am, I’ve usually been to my wits end and back again. Having literally pushed Hattie out of the door in tears over a bump in her pony tail, and brushed my teeth with one eye on the biff chip and kipper that we forgot to read the night before. Rose has had to be carried to the car with no shoes on because she has OCD about her toes being in the right place in her socks, and let’s not forget Rupert who’s having ‘take out’ breakfast in the car and is still in his pjs.

Anyway, enough of the excuses, I would LOVE to be one of those supermums who don’t look like headless chickens and have it all sorted, but I never will be and so I have put this together in the wee hours during my nocturnal life. Please excuse any spelling mistakes ; )

Ps. REMEMBER THE PRICES I’VE LISTED ARE BEFORE BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNTS!  There are loads of codes doing the rounds, here are some that will come in handy

Mango: cyber (20%off)

HM:6013(20% off)

Gap: cybergap (40% off)

boden:F6P8(30% off)

zara have 20% off coats, knitweaR trousers AND SHOES

la redoute: blackfriday (40% off)

alex and alexa: CYBER (25% off)

  1. Kickers boots
  2. HM pom pom hoodie £29.99
  3. Next knitted fairisle joggers

  1. HM cream knitted jumper £14.99
  2. HM khaki snow suit like this one too
  3. Boden snow boots £37.80– these start at size 24 but GAP have done cute ones too here!
  4. HM charcoal joggers £7.99

  1. Next fair isle jumper £13
  2. M&S corduroy trousers £20
  3. Zara duffle coat £31.99
  4. Mayoral boots £41
  1. La Redoute boots £39 – remember to take 40% off!
  2. Mango knitted bobble hat £9.99 and snood
  3. Zara Cord dungarees £15.99
  4. Zara chunky knitted sweater  £13.59 i also love this one

  1. Zara mini stripe sweater £11.99 (only up to 12 months but too cuyte not to include)
  2. Navy next knitted joggers with jersey lining – these come up big  £8
  3. Zara mini sweater £13.59 and joggers £10

  1. HM knitted onesy £17.99
  2. Angulus boots expensive I know but they’re very cute. Cheaper alternative by Mayoral below

  1. Zara chunky cardigan £15.99
  2. Next knitted joggers with jersey lining £6 
  3. John Lewis padded waxed coat £28
  4. Lace up Angulus boots £88 – expensive I know but they’re very cute. Cheaper alternative by Mayoral below

  1. Mango bobble hat £9.99
  2. Collarless shirt,Wheat Baby, John Lewis £27
  3. Corduroy drawstring trousers, John Lewis 
  4. Next cosy knitted jumper £14

  1. Mango striped top £9.99
  2. HM dungarees £14.99 these are low in stock but I ADORE these ones too from JOhn Lewis
  3. La Redoute boots

  1. Gap jumper with fleece neck £24.95
  2. Mango checked shirt £12.99
  3. HM joggers 
  4. Kickers kick hi infant boots, burgundy £38

  1. Mango shirt £12.99
  2. Mango knitted sweater
  3. Zara trousers £13.59
  4. Mayoral boots £41boyswint3
  1. Young Soles boots £67
  2. M&S Navy pea coat with sheepskin collar £40
  3. Wheat Baby navy corduroy trousers, John Lewis, £32
  4. Marks and Spencer cashmere cardigan £28
  5. Petit Bateau polo neck £13


  1. Marks and Spencer’s padded parka with cosy lining £32 – also comes in navy blue and mustard (Rupert has the latter)
  2. Polarn o pyret neck warmer £14 OR HM do one for £4.99
  3.  Aigle wellies £25

  1. La Redoute boots -£39  remember to take 40% off
  2. Mango checked shirt £12.99
  3. M&S cord trousers £20
  4. HM knitted jumper  £12.99

  1. HM stripe top and bottoms £12.99
  2. HM top and joggers £14.99
  3. Mango knitted hat £9.99
  4. Navy kickers kick hi boots £45

  1. Next plaid shirt £8 – (this comes up big)
  2. Gap knitted onesy £19.99 (minus 40%)
  3. Mayoral boots £41

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