..Isn’t it?! So BE jolly kids or santa will bring you nothing but a sack of coal.

Don’t laugh (or judge), I have lost count of the number of Father Christmas threats I have used already this month..  

 I adore Christmas. I actually love the whole of December. Despite being Jewish, I get so swept up in the magic of it. The mulled wine (drunk copiously because it’s hot and therefore not alcoholic), stollen, festive shop windows, nativities and tinny Christmas tunes everywhere you go. Love. it.all. Having kids just makes Christmas so much more special right? Right. But it’s not all merry and jolly and bright.. at least not in our household.

There are so many lovely opportunities for magical family fun at this time of year. Santa steam trains and pantomimes, Christmas baking and tree decorating. It all sounds so wonderful and, of course, it is. There will be many an Instagram worthy moment but it’s still real life, just with tinsel.

We’ve finished our first week of the Christmas holidays and my kids are already acting spoilt. I’m actually scared for how they’re going to behave on Christmas Day 🙈. I don’t know whether it’s the pressure we put on them to enjoy all these ‘amazing’ things that can lead to it ending in tears sometimes.

There is definitely an element of enforced jollyness.. YOU WILL enjoy this (way overpriced) winter wonderland and YOU WILL stand up in front of your whole school and sing and dance dressed as a camel. YOU MUST sit on the lap of a giant scary bearded man who your parents threaten you with constantly.
So far this week we have experienced the following moments..

  1. Hattie secretly wishing for one of her classmates to fall ill so she could have a lead part in the nativity 😬😳 She had really thought it out and learned everyone else’s lines so she was the perfect stand in.
  2. Watching the story of Rudolph in the theatre. Rose announced (shouted) to the whole audience that Rudolph wasn’t there, it was just a man with a red spot on his nose and an antler hair band. She then loudly pointed out every detail of the (admittedly fairly abstract) set that required any imagination. Hattie sobbed the whole way home about how disappointed she was that there wasn’t a real reindeer or even a real reindeer costume.
  3. We were in a department store at the weekend and were full of the joy of Christmas when each of our kids were handed a huge gift bag of beautiful books. The shop just wanted a picture of them excitedly opening the bags in return. Simple. Except Rupert wanted Rose’s lift the flap books and they both ended up screaming and kicking on the floor. We were whispering threats and bribes into their ears while the manager tried to cut them out of the picture and snap Hattie who remained a pro-gift-receiver  throughout and didn’t break her forced smile for a second. Disgusted shoppers literally had to step over the younger two.
  4. The most magical grotto, with a really sweet, softly spoken santa who chatted to the kids for ages before the obligatory pose for the camera. He decided to sweep Rupert up and onto his lap only to be met by a massive punch in the face and a kick in the you know whats.
  5. Christmas baking with the girls.. (well actually just decorating and assembling a pre-made gingerbread house.) The scene was set, we had Christmas music on, a handful of sweets that were for eating and a two of everything.. Rose just couldn’t stop herself eating all the sweets and stealing Hattie’s too. She then moved onto the icing pipe bag. Sucked it dry. When that wasn’t enough she started to lick the decorated house. Hattie, meanwhile was sobbing that it was all ruined . Really lovely moment, just what I had had in mind…
  6. Lastly, one from me and what I’ve been driven to in some of those moments. Telling the girls that santa has cameras in every single fairy light. That he’s watching them through the red alarm sensor in the corner of their bedroom. Standing outside their room on my phone telling him how “they’re still awake and I’m so sorry santa, is there anyway you will reconsider the coal?” I also have the app on my phone that makes it look as though the big man is calling. Works a treat.

Totally farcical scenarios (scroll to the bottom of this post for photographic evidence). I think (hope) all these things just add to the memories and I am actually looking back and laughing only a week later. Kids don’t stop being kids because it’s Christmas.

I’m sure come Christmas Day they will have their fair share of highs and lows and they will at points wild and ungrateful. But I’m hoping they will also be filled with joy and wonderment when they see that santa has actually delivered the very Star Wars socks and overpriced doll that they asked for. And they will love spending the day playing games and eating whatever they want with their cousins and bringing a smile to their grandparents and great grandparents.

If it’s all too much and my attempts to make the festive season as merry as possible have spoiled them rotten and they behave hideously, at least they will look really cute as I’ve chosen some gorgeous Christmas Day outfits below!

Merry Christmas! And peace be with you (literally)

PS. discount codes: La Coqueta – VIP30 – 30%off until sunday—LA REDOUTE- EXtra20- 20% off



Having a girly girl I’ve had to embrace a bit of sparkle and a (well dressed) tutu. They come into their own at Christmas and you can’t go wrong with velvet either. It’s wintery but still looks special. It has to be the right velvet though, there are some really yucky velvet dresses around at the moment. I actually didn’t realise that most of the things I had chosen for the girls were velvet until I put this together! How many times did I just said  velvet?!?img_9512

  1. Mango velvet hair band £9.99
  2. Olivier Baby charcoal velvet dress £49
  3. pale pink metallic ballerinas £19.99



I love this outfit as it can all be mixed and matched. The skirt will look cute with a turtle neck sweater and ribbed tights and boots, and the blouse and cardigan equally with a pair of jeans. The cardigan perfect for throwing over dresses too.

  1. Glitter star hair accessory £3.99
  2. Chunky blush pink cardigan £22
  3. Blouse with gold trim neck £16.99
  4. Grey embroidered skirt, Next £12 It’s sold out in some sizes online but I’ve seen it in store
  5. Sparkly ballet pumps £19.99


  1. Plum velvet dress, John Lewis £45
  2. Rockahula glitter star alice band, John Lewis £7
  3. Ribbed knee high socks in Mink, Pisamonas £6.90
  4.  Gold ballet pumps with ears, John Lewis £16

  1. Mango peplum blouse with gold detail £19.99
  2. Marks and Spencer’s tutu skirt £16
  3. Navy velvet mary janes £16.95

I know I have featured this dress on here before, but it really is lovely and for me it’s the perfect winter party dress so I had to include it!

  1. Velvet shorts £16.99
  2. Velvet dress £25.99


girls 0-3 years

  1. Zara navy velvet embroidered dress £19.99 and ballet pumps £19.99– LOVE this

  1. La Coqueta baby smock set £44- with the 30% off code valid until Sunday
  2. La Coqueta grey smock set with red detail (they do a big version of this for an older sister which is also very beautiful
  3. Mango velvet shoes £22.99


  1. Red Velvet dress with collar, Next £25 – size down or take up the hem as it comes up long
  2. Navy velvet shoes £16.95


  1. Mamas and Papas knitted romper with bobble hat £15.40 This is so cute and cosy and such a bargain! it’s totally unisex – just pair with a frilled or peter pan collar bodysuit for a girl and a collarless shirt or polo neck bodysuit for a boy!



I don’t like to see boys too ‘dressed up’. Dickie bows and waistcoats are just not my thing at all. I prefer a nice pair of trousers with a lovely shirt and a christmassy knit or a smart velvet or cord blazer.


  1. Mango fairisle knitted jumper £25.99
  2. La Coqueta desert boots £32 –  using the code above
  3. Boden navy blazer £40
  4. Rust slim fit cords, Mango £15.99


  1. Mango checked shirt £16.99
  2. La Coqueta knitted cardigan £30.80 (using the code above)
  3. John Lewis heirloom cord blazer in rust £45
  4. La Coqueta boots £32 (use code)
  5. Mango navy trousers £15.99


  1. La Coqueta knitted jumper £32.20 (use code above)
  2. Mango slim fit cord trousers £15.99
  3. Boden desert boots £31.15

Boys 0-3


  1. Mango checked shirt £12.99
  2. Knitted fairisle jumper, John Lewis £56 – bit pricey but so adorable. Bigger sizes and just as cute here  £32 using the code above
  3. La Coqueta red cord drawstring trousers £25.90 (usint the discount code above)
  4. Mayoral boots or these £21.95



  1. Zara checked shirt £12.99
  2. Marks and Spencer’s trousers with braces £26


  1. cable knit tank top, John Lewis £20 bigger sizes here
  2. Zara check shirt £12.99
  3. John Lewis red trousers £29
  4. Mayoral boots £34.90 or these £31.20 (use the code EXTRA20)




  1. Emma Kendall says:

    I love this post! Even though all of the clothes are totally inappropriate for my Caribbean Christmas, I loved looking at all the choices and imagining us there in England, having a cosy Christmas with you. Be jolly xxxxx

  2. Lauren Saffer says:

    Love this one Sare! i think I need to buy the majority of what you have selected. Camilla is yet to wear a skirt but i really want to try! and I love your velvet obsession clearly shining through! beautiful dresses and pump selections! pumps and tights make me nervous and i don’t know why always looks good on others! def going to try

    Fab stories as well 🙂 made me chuckle! xxxx

  3. Kate Morgan says:

    Oh, what a relief, I’m not the only Mama enduring a series of ‘when insta-christmas moments go wrong’, we too have been through a catalogue of write-offs! Including the ‘too-scratchy’ flashing Christmas pudding jumper, which ended up in a ball on the floor and all the icing being licked off the newly decorated snowflake biscuits, before anyone else got a look in! The outfits are beautiful, as ever…. Have a fabulous Christmas with your lovelies xxxx
    Kate (@prideandjoy_)

    • Hip Mini Style says:

      Sorry for some reason I just saw this! 😂😂😂😂 so funny! I think we have the same itchy Christmas jumper. Glad you liked the outfits. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas xxxx

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