..the perfect every day Mary Janes

I haven’t posted on here for SO long, life has just been getting in the way. I’ve also recently joined a book club and I’m under pressure to finish (start) the book in my precious evenings which have been totally hijacked my Rupert who refuses to go to bed at the mo. But that’s another boring story!

Anyway, I’m still finding lots of lovely bits and bobs for your (and my) little ones so just had to quickly share these beauties.  

They look like they’re from Young Soles don’t they? Or Angulus? They’re from Clarks! Can you believe it?! Of all the places!

I haven’t stepped foot in there since Hattie was a baby and I was so put off by the choice and by how rude the shop assistant was when I asked for anything that wasn’t pink or purple. I walked out and never returned.

I was passing the other day and noticed these in the window.  Running late and with two little rascals in tow who were arguing over the buggy, but I still couldn’t resist quickly popping in and was secretly thrilled to learn that Rose’s feet have grown half a size.

The lovely lady told me that this style has been revived from the Clarks archives. I just love them. In all the colours and in both the Mary Jane and t-bar style (which are for smaller feet).

Best of all, you’re not paying Angulus prices, they’re a reasonable £34 and come in different widths.

  1. Clarks Crown Posey shoes £34
  2. Clarks crown Pop t bar shoes, navy – these are down to £17.50 ! only go to size 9.5 though

So cute. And patent, so they’ll be hard wearing too. Perfect for now and going into spring!

While I was in there I also saw a great pair of simple unisex suede desert boots and some really cool Stan Smith-esque trainers. Clarks have totally won me back! Although, if you want a laugh take a look at what Hattie tried to get me to buy her.. pahahaha.  Soz Hatts, I know I’m mean but it’s never gonna happen.

Couple of pics of Rose in hers below. Looking like she’s absolutely bloody freezing but insisting she was hot and refusing a coat. #chooseyourbattles #mumlife

Ah it’s nice to be back! Let me know if you like?





5 thoughts on “LOOK WHAT I FOUND

  1. Anna says:

    Love those shoes!!! Will deffo be paying a visit…
    anyway- don’t delay, Got a book to read… aghhh the pressure of a book club! X

  2. Bridget says:

    Love these S! Have not been in a clarks in yeeeeears! Might pop in! Haha and our mum group has a book club … but it’s a bit of a joke as it’s really wine club 😬

    • Hip Mini Style says:

      I know I’d never have gone! They had a fancy ipad foot measuring thingy too. Ours will most definitely be a wine club, that’s the best bit!

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