…i’ve saved you the hassle and searched through that giant next catalogue to find all the best bIts for spring 🙂

This dress. It looked absolutely awful on the website and in the store amongst rails of cartoon emblazoned, fuschia and cheap (looking) sparkly knitted jumpers. I had a sneaky suspicion it would look entirely different at home though, paired with Hattie’s suede desert boots and ribbed tights. And it didn’t disappoint! how sweet is it? Obviously, I had to size down as I can’t bear that ridiculous mid calf length all their dresses come in – not cute and not good for running, scooting, or just general fun. It’s lovely and soft, and fairly thin fabric so will be perfect for the summer with sandals too.

  1. Next floral smocked dress £13.50 styled with these tights and boots both from Pisamonas

That’s the thing about Next. It’s so hard to spot things in there as they’re usually paired with something hideous or come in 2 prints, one of which is so god damn ugly that it taints your view of the other.

One season they can absolutely nail it and you may not need to shop anywhere else. The following season can be atrocious.  I do generally find the quality of their clothes quite good though, much better than the likes of Zara for example and their order by 11pm for next day delivery is amazing.  So, last season was pretty awful and at first glance (of the mammoth catalogue) this season isn’t great either, particularly for the older girls and boys i’m afraid. But, I’ve cherry picked the bits that are cute and wouldn’t look out of place in some of the high end stores with a £100 price tag rather than a much more palatable £13..  definitely about as much as you want to spend when they’re going to be dribbling red ice lollies down everything. Ahhh I can’t wait for some warmer weather though!

ps. the shark poncho – not the most stylish poolside accessory I know, but it’s markedly better than a peppa pig or Cars one, Rupert (and Rose) will loooove it.

younger girls

  1. striped dress with matching knickers £17
  2. navy dress with frilled sleeves  £13
  1. Grey floral dress £14
  2. white ruffle blouse £9.50
  3. Khaki skirt £10
  4. Glitter laceless pumps £14

  1. long sleeve denim dropped waist dress £8
  2. gingham dress £15
  3. navy wellies £12
  4. blue ruffle blouse £9
  5. denim frill sleeveless blouse £9 these are also really cute

  1. gingham swimsuit £14


older girls

  1. paisley swimsuit £11
  2. navy floral frilly bikini £11
  3. embroidered blouse £15
  4. denim shorts
  5. tan sandals £19
  6. red gloss wellies £16

younger boys

  1. navy and white rugby shirt £10
  2. navy shorts £7
  3. white shorts with braces
  4. navy puddle suit £13
  5. shark towel poncho £15
  6. navy raincoat £24

  1. grey stripe knit jumper £11
  2. Dungarees and stripe tshirt £23

older boys

  1. long sleeve tshirts in grey and white £10
  2. Grey knitted jumper £14
  3. denim shirt £11
  4. rugby shirt
  5. Boots £18



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