We’re not an Ipad-y family..

It’s not that I’m dead set against them and of course we do have them. They come out in full force on the aeroplane and we couldn’t do a long journey without them, but we just never ever remember to charge them up at home. The kids don’t seem to ask for them or care really, they play with their toys and with each other, but last week they both asked me to plug them in. Continue reading


…i’ve saved you the hassle and searched through that giant next catalogue to find all the best bIts for spring 🙂

This dress. It looked absolutely awful on the website and in the store amongst rails of cartoon emblazoned, fuschia and cheap (looking) sparkly knitted jumpers. I had a sneaky suspicion it would look entirely different at home Continue reading


..the perfect every day Mary Janes

I haven’t posted on here for SO long, life has just been getting in the way. I’ve also recently joined a book club and I’m under pressure to finish (start) the book in my precious evenings which have been totally hijacked my Rupert who refuses to go to bed at the mo. But that’s another boring story!

Anyway, I’m still finding lots of lovely bits and bobs for your (and my) little ones so just had to quickly share these beauties.   Continue reading


So. I know I’ve been going on about La Redoute recently, but it’s hard to resist 40% off when stuff is just SO cute..

I have to share some of their gorgeous pieces for the home. Then I will stop.

I am a bit obsessed with baskets.. our whole house is slowly being filtered into baskets of different shapes and sizes, from Rupert’s cars and Hattie’s hama bead collection to my husband’s (many) phone chargers and my hairbrushes! It’s a really good way to keep things organised (I am not organised) and our possessions look so much nicer compartmentalised into pretty little baskets. 🙂 I’m definitely becoming a bit crazy though and almost wept a little when Ikea Continue reading


I’ve always been in love with Marie Chantal’s beautiful childrenswear. But it’s just too expensive. I could never bring myself to spend £100 on one item that will fit for 6 months at best. That’s why this collaboration with Marks and Spencers is just SO good. It’s not huge but there are a few lovely, classic, simple and sweet outfits at M&S prices.

It’s crazy how much children’s fashion has changed since I had Hattie. This just would never have happened 5 years ago. The rails in M&S were full of dowdy applique dresses in primary colours or that yucky pink. They have seriously upped their game! Hurrah and bravo (as Hattie would say) 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻  Continue reading


My kids are getting verry excited about Halloween. It’s everywhere at the moment isn’t it? We’re definitely getting more and more commercial each year but it’s good fun and an excuse to eat sweets and paint faces. I love it.

After Claudia Winkleman’s daughter suffered that awful accident, I’ve heard so many more horror stories about nasty supermarket costumes going up in flames. So I’m not buying them anymore. Not to mention the fact they’re all really quite gross!

Hattie was begging me for the most revolting Sainsbury’s witch dress the other day but I stood my ground and I’ve been on a mission to find some less hideous Halloween outfits ever since.

Here they are! I think they’re just as fun, some are actually wearable after Halloween or as pjs and hopefully a bit more stylish and a bit less flammable!? Continue reading



Below are all my picks for boys and girls big and small, and click here to shop my girls’ coats!

So, La Redoute have 40% off at the moment.

It’s a french company that have been around for years but have really upped their game recently. They have some lovely, good quality things for babies and teens alike and there are some amaazzing bargains to be had. These are all the things I liked (and bought!) Don’t miss out 🙂 Continue reading


This is a bit of a move away from my normal stuff. Don’t worry I have lots of lovely autumn style finds to share, but I just have something to say on this subject, so here we go..

Hattie has worn glasses since she was two years old. I don’t think she even remembers life before glasses. We never had a problem with her keeping them on even at that tiny age. I think it was because she loved that she could actually see with them. She REALLY needs glasses and will do for the rest of her life.

When Hattie started back at school in year 1 a couple of weeks ago, she settled straight back in so well, she just LOVES school. But over the past week she’s started saying that she doesn’t want to wear her glasses and she prefers her face without them. Continue reading


A beautiful autumn look for little girls and boys..

Good morning! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I’m sat in my kitchen ignoring all the things I have to do because it’s Sunday, Continue reading